Want a better interest rate? Tired of Paying Mortgage Insurance? Would you like to use your home’s equity for improvements?


What Can Refinancing Do for You?

Get a Better Interest Rate

Lowering your interest rate can decrease your monthly payment, as well as save you thousands over the life of your loan.

Get Rid of Mortgage Insurance

A refinance is also a great way to remove MIP (Mortgage Insurance Premium) from your monthly payment on an FHA loan once you have reached 20 percent equity in your home.

Cash-Out Refinance

This can be used for many purposes:

  • Home improvement projects
  • Debt consolidation to lower total payments or interest rates
  • Paying off solar panels or other energy efficient loans
  • Buying out another owner of your property
  • Down payment needed to purchase a vacation or investment property

Change Your Loan Program

You may want to switch from an FHA loan to a conventional loan. Or if you have an adjustable rate mortgage it might be best to switch to a fixed rate mortgage for future stability.

Pay Off Your Home Faster

Refinancing doesn’t have to reset your term to a new 30 years. If you have 27 years left, we can keep it at 27. If paying off your home faster is a priority, you can also switch to a shorter term. Depending on the mortgage program, shorter term rates may also be significantly lower than longer term rates. We offer terms from 5 to 30 years.

What You Will Need?

Current Mortgage Statement

Pay Stubs

Tax Returns and W-2’s and/or 1099s

Statement for Current Homeowner’s Insurance

Credit Report (run by us)

What Do You Have To Lose?

Try our refinance calculator and then give us a call to go over the results! We are excited to help you find the best possible option and move you closer to your financial goals.